100 RAW photographs were taken for this photogrammetry, using 5 steps exposure brackets for highest dynamic range. That makes a total of 20 different shots.


The goal of this project is to have a 3D model of the chest, to be able to animate the tatto slowly appearing in.

Raw photography
Raw mesh

After merging all 20 HDR images and importing them into Meshroom, this is the output mesh that I imported into Blender (image above). So it needs to be fixed and cropped into a clean mesh, and have the texture projected from the raw mesh to the clean one, to be edited in Photoshop later on.

Clean mesh

Having the clean mesh with the texture projected, next step is to take it to Photoshop, to remove the tattoo (I will need a cleanplate to animate the tattoo growing in After Effects).

Original texture

Last part is still WIP, so here’s a render preview (with texture, but without shader) of the model instead.