This shot consists on removing the camera crew from the frame, since the cameraman, the focus assist and the boom operator can be seen in the reflections of the window car.


3D tracking this scene became way too complicated because of the narrow depth of field, as well as the lack of trackable elements in the frame. Also, once the 3D tracking was done, building a cleanplate also had an extra level of difficulty, since the car window applies a very irregular distortion to the reflex (nothing like a regular window or  a mirror).

Original footage

So, due to the overall difficulty of tracking the shot, I made the decision to make one single 3D tracker, to have a relative position between every element. This way, I could have a plane for the front window, another plane for the interior of the car, and a last plane for the background.


The following imagine is the interior cleanplate, masked by the front window frame.


Later on, I tracked the relative movement of the camera crew with the window (previously stabilized) and made a rotoscope of the actor to keep him aside from the whole image editing, to respect the original footage as much as possible.


Finally, added some color corrections, blur (depth of field), blur (motion), brought back the lens distortion I removed at the beginning of the process, and the original film grain.

Final shot